My paintings are about disappearing spaces; real and imagined, concrete and abstract, and the pathways used to get there.

Both intimate and expansive, the abstract environment places the viewer in a fluctuating space of continual demolition and reconstruction. I encourage viewers to explore these distant yet intimate spaces. Dedicated scribbling, disintegrating architectural structures, and shifting organic forms creates an intricate world for the viewer to explore. The structures in this atmospheric space are evaporated, solidified, delapidated, lucid, transparent and iridescent. These various forms in turn create spatial zones between which the viewer may float back and forth, searching for a restful habitat.


Multiple layers create a space that suggests tunnels, spaces beneath the ground, and the reaches of outer space. These layers are both restful and chaotic; they provide the viewer with an entrancing web of information pulling one in to play amidst the universe.


The surfaces of my paintings create a tension between restlessness and calm. The restless surface suggests the possibilities of an endless ecstatic experience. I encourage the viewer to consider in my patings both the intimate and the expansive, the concrete and deteriorating structures and abstract passages.


The infinite painting surfaces should inspire the viewers to swim and play in these paintings as well, and in doing so, experience for themselves the infinite complexities and possibilities of everything.

-Nathaniel Quinn